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Anyx.gg FAQ CS2 Hacks - are our cheats undetected? How can I pay? How can I download the cheats? Do you have a discord server? You will get an answer to all this questions here.

Payments | FAQ

We tried to keep the website as uncomplicated as possible for our customers to browse through. To purchase our cheats, you simply make a account and head over to our store page by pressing the CS2 CHEATS button at the top of the page, alternatively copy paste this link: here:


We accept Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency and PayPal as well! However PayPal purchases are manually approved and done, this is due to seller protection.

99% of all card payments get approved immediately and your product is available instantly. However in very rare cases, your payment might have been flagged for review by our payment provider. This could be because you entered incorrect information on the checkout page, alternatively non-matching names on the card and the adress. Please wait up to 12 hours for your payment to get approved. If you paid through cryptocurrency, the payment will take about 15-30 minutes to complete. This is a automatic process.

Sometimes we do provide some trials in special promo phases. So keep an eye at our news (also at our discord channels).

Yes!, please contact us via Discord-Ticket.

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CS2 Cheats | FAQ

This could have several causes. Please try another browser first. If this does not help you should try to deactivate your antivirus. If the problem persists you can of course contact us.

Make sure your antivirus is disabled, youre firewall is disabled and nothing else is blocking the cheat. You also need to start it as administrator.

Make sure you run the CS2 game in windowed fullscreen mode. Our cheat will only work if you run it in fullscreen windowed. Were working also a on fullscreen method.

We recommend to lower your settings in the CS2 Video settings first off all. Then we recommend disabling recording in medal.tv (you can do this on the top left in medal.tv). If its still not working, please close medal.tv in the taskmanager and start it manually as administrator.

Open a support ticket on our discord or forum and ask for an HWID reset.

Make sure to download the latest loader on our forum.

Make sure your firewall ist not blocking something. It could also help and try it with a VPN if your ISP is blocking our connection.

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