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Get our premium CS2 Hacks! We provide different Counter-Strike 2 Cheats for our customers. All CS2 Cheats come with high quality features and are undetected in Counter Strike 2.

Premium CS2 Cheats

Status Status icon Undetected since release

Start your experience today with the most secure cheat for Counter-Strike 2 currently available on the market. Dominate your opponents and rely on our humanized aimbot, carefully designed by us and perfectly integrated into our undetected CS2 cheat. Use a coherent and perfectly tuned user interface to exploit all possibilities and set your cheat the way you need it. CS2 cheats require a clean working method, a lot of experience and the highest security standards must be adhered to, as this is the only way we can guarantee that we are the best CS2 cheat provider on the market. Market leading CS2 Cheats since 2023 with experience in Counter-Strike Cheat since 2017.

Anyx Premium CS2 Cheat

Undetected since release

High security standards

Market Leading Cheat Provider

Experience since 2017

Premium Cheats

Meets the highest standards

Kernel Driver Load

Made for high tier accounts


Will help you to aim your enemies more easily

  • Custom Aim Hotkey
  • Visible Check
  • Hitbox Selection
  • Nearest Hitbox
  • Show FOV
  • Custom FOV
  • Custom smooth
  • Custom Aim Delay
  • Custom Aim Lock Time
  • Curve Min Distance
  • Curve Amount
  • Recoil Control System
  • Custom Recoil X
  • Custom Recoil Y
  • Triggerbot
  • Custom Triggerbot Key
  • Custom Triggerboot Shoot Delay
  • Triggeraim
  • Visible Check for TriggerAim
  • Use Recoil for TriggerAim
  • Custom FOV for TriggerAim
  • Custom Smoothing for TriggerAim
  • Custom Hitbox for TriggerAim


Will help you see your enemies more easily, especially behind walls

  • Enable/Disable ESP
  • Custom On/off key
  • Name ESP
  • Box ESP
  • Cornered Box ESP
  • Box Fill ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Custom Health ESP
  • Armor ESP
  • Weapon ESP
  • Weapon Icon ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • head Circle ESP
  • Sound ESP
  • Custom Sound Time
  • Bomb Information
  • Bomb Location
  • Dropped Weapons
  • Dropped Grenades
  • Force Icons


To customize your cheats, with your personal preferences

  • Watermark
  • Team Check
  • Recoil crosshair
  • Spectators List
  • Spectators List Avatars
  • Spectators List Colors
  • Hitmarker
  • Hitmarker Custom Sound
  • Verbose Spectator List
  • Webradar - shareable with friends
  • Stream Proof (Stream with it without showing the cheats)

Grenade Helper

Some other features that will also be very useful

  • Custom Config (Save/upload)
  • Custom Type (right click, jumpthrow, throw)
  • Custom Grenade Type (smoke, molotov, etc)
  • Custom Render Distance
  • Custom Position Name
  • Filter Grenades
  • Throw type (Enable/Disable)
  • Nade type (Enable/Disable)
  • Aim/ground circle(Enable/Disable)
  • Aim Line (Enable/Disable)
  • Config save/load (shareable)

Video Showcase

Why Anyx.gg

Market Leading Counter-Strike 2 Cheats

It was important for us to release a product that we also use ourselves. That's why we have implemented everything for our CS2 cheats to the highest standards. The user experience is one of the most important points and that's why it's so important to let the user decide how the cheat for CS2 should be. It's an ongoing process and we look forward to constantly developing our CS2 hacks. Our team consists of members who have been active in the CS cheats community since 2017 and can therefore draw on a lot of experience when it comes to hacks for Counter-Strike 2. Our software always meets the highest security standards and is also updated with every CS2 update.

CS2 Hacks
CS2 Cheats

Premium CS2 Cheats - Undetected since release

When it comes to safety with our Premium CS2 Cheat, there are no compromises for us. We adhere to the highest security standards and only integrate read memory features. We also use a kernel driver to load our CS2 hack. That's why our cheats for Counter-Strike 2 are still undetected since release. We have a fixed plan and do not look at the other CS2 Cheats Providers because we are convinced of our way, concept and team. So, if you are looking for an undetected CS2 cheat, then we are definitely the right choice for you!

Counter-Strike 2 Hacks Free

We also offer our community the opportunity to use a CS2 cheat completely free of charge. This free CS2 cheat comes with features like Triggerbot, Visuals (ESP) and a nice user interface. Of course, our free CS2 hacks also adhere to the highest security standards. The Counter-Strike 2 Free Cheat is also undetected since release and we have over 10,000 active users for it. So if you want to know more about our FreeCheat you can click on the button below and convince yourself that we really want to offer added value to this community.

Undetected CS2 Cheats
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Undetected since release

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