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Our Counter-Strike 2 Cheats come with a lot of features like a grenade helper, aimbot, esp and much much more. We also offer a free CS:2 cheat so you can test out all the functions before you buy our premium version with a lot of more cs2 hack features.

Aimbot for Counter-Strike 2

Dominate the game with our aimbot for CS2 and be the topfrager in your team!

Our CS2 Aimbot is very accurate and reliable. Just the right tool to keep a cool head in stressful situations. An aimbot is one of the most important features in Counter-Strike 2 cheats, because it is crucial that firstly the aimbot works properly and secondly it is not detected by the opponents. That's why our CS Aimbot is the right choice because we provide you with the right features.

CS2 Wallhack

Visuals / ESP

Knowing more is a huge advantage! Visualize your enemies!

We provide you with various visuals such as Wallhack, ESP and Visuals for Counter-Strike 2. You can freely adjust all visuals to your liking and also change all colors. A CS2 wallhack is very powerful and therefore should be used very wisely. Therefore, we recommend certain ESP features that show you useful information about your opponents, such as a healable, the weapon the opponent has and the name of the opponent.

CS2 Grenade Helper

Throw grenades on every map like a pro!

With our CS2 Grenade Helper you can easily save spots so that you don't lose any time during a stressful game and can throw every nade perfectly. Your teammates will love you for it. With the Grande Helper all your teammates will believe that you are really experienced and a very good player. You can save an infinite number of spots - and the Grenade Helper works on every Counter-Strike 2 map!

The advantages of the Grenade Helper for CS2 are obvious. From now on you no longer have to memorize grenade spots but simply save them. And from now on you will throw every nade perfectly!

CS2 Grenade Helper
Free CS2 Cheats

Undetected Free CS2 Hacks

Be ahead of the others with our Free CS2 Hack.

You can't go wrong with our undetected free cs2 cheat. We offer you a safe alternative to our premium cheat. Completely free of charge, of course. Our free counter-strike 2 cheat gets regular updates and is undetected for VAC. The Triggerbot ensures that your shots are on time and accurate. And with the ESP in the cheat you can see directly where the opponents are and also further information.

Welcome to ANYX.GG
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Fellow Cheaters,

thanks for your visit on anyx.gg - a premium cs2 cheat provider!

Here is a short overview about our website and where you find the most nessecary links:
Information about our Premium CS2 Cheats
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Free CS2 Cheats | Free CS2 Hack | Undetected
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Undetected Free CS2 Hacks

Dear Community! Finally we can announce that we have just released our free cheat for Counter-Strike 2. The long wait was worth it, because this cheat is for all those who value security. Security in the form of that this cheat is undetected and will hopefully stay undetected but also security in the form of that you can now use a free cs2 hack from a registered company from europe. This incredible cs2 cheat comes with great ESP features and a triggerbot. Very beginner friendly process to start the cheat and configure the cheat. So what's stopping you from trying our free cs2 hack today?

Feature Highlights: ESP Features (Name, Weapon, Box and more...) Triggerbot

[ATTACH type="full" width="355px" alt="Free CS2...
Premium CS2 Cheat
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Premium CS2 Cheat

We proudly present you our Premium CS2 Cheat! We have been working very hard on this cheat for you for the last few weeks and finally you can use one of the best CS2 cheats ever. We have really put emphasis on security, user usability and flexibility in this CS2 hack. This hack is absolutely safe because we work with kernel drivers and do not manipulate the memory of the game. This makes our premium CS2 hack an absolute top product with added value for players who value "legitimate" cheating. Don't worry about your account anymore because our Counter-Strike 2 cheat is undetected since release.

Feature Highlights: Humanized Aimbot, all possible ESP features, Triggeraim, humanized Recoin Control...
Free Premium CS2 Cheat Weekend
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Fellow Cheaters,

you can use this weekend our Premium CS2 Cheat for FREE!

Just head into our Store and select the Free Weekend Product and go ahead!

We wish you a lot of fun and dont forget to share this with your friends!

Get our Premium CS2 Cheat for FREE:

Make sure to download the latest Loader V3.2

What kind of features come with our CS2 Cheat?

  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Visuals
  • Webradar
  • Commendbot
  • GrenadeHelper
  • & more
Easter Sale 2024! 20% off!
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Dear Community!

Today we are launching our Easter sale! Spring is slowly beginning in Europe. The days are getting longer and warmer.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again. Our team has been working hard over the last weeks and months to bring the best external CS2 cheat to the market. I would say that we have succeeded! But we were only able to achieve this because we have such a great community that really pushes us forward. Thank you for your suggestions, feedback and praise.

You can now get 20% discount on all purchases with code "Easter24". This code is valid until next week on 04.04.2024.
Get our CS2 Cheat: https://anyx.gg/cs2-cheats/

Best regards,
CS2 Commendbot implemented into our CS2 Cheats
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Dear Community, we have just implemented a Commendbot for CS2 in our cheats.

Premium users will automatically receive a balance after purchasing our CS2 Premium Cheat:
1 Month = 50 Commends
3 Months = 200 Commends

Lifetime = 500 Commends

Of course you can buy additional ingame Commends in our store:
Buy CS2 Commends

CS2 Commendbot Showcase / Tutorial

1. Make sure you are at the CS2 Main Menu and open the Commendbot Tab in the CS2 Cheat


2. Enter the balance you want and hit "Start commend bot"


3. Open the CONSOLE and click on "Copy command" and paste it into the CONSOLE. Press Enter to "connect" to the Server...
CS2 Webradar + other updates for our Premium CS2 Cheat
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Hello Dear Community.

With this post I just wanted to keep you up 2 date regarding our updates in the last weeks since we released V2. We have made some progress and have added the following features to our Premium CS2 Cheat:

New CS2 Cheats Features:​

  • CS2 Webradar
  • Advanced ingame radar
  • Flashcheck for Aimbot/Triggerbot/Triggeraim
  • Watermark Customizable
  • Global Config as Weapongroup
  • Menu open check for aimbot & triggeraim
  • Custom Crosshair

We will not lose focus, I know many of you want many features, but we will only implement those that fit into our concept. Our CS2 cheat is designed so that you can play with high tier accounts. And who knows, maybe we can surprise you soon.

Get now our undetected CS2 Cheats:
Undetected CS2 Cheats
Premium CS2 Cheat...
V2 released | Premium CS2 Cheats
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Fellow Cheaters,
we've finally released a major update for our premium CS2 Cheat that will improve ANYX in every aspect. We have re-worked and redesigned different elements to make it as user-friendly as possible. We have done the following:
  • Menu/User Interface Design
  • Loader/Launcher Design
  • Huge Performance Update
  • Improved Security
  • Added new features
  • Fixed many errors/bugs
We are happy to have you as members of our community and look forward to a long journey together with you that has only just begun.

Please download the latest loader from the website. (v2.0)

More here: https://anyx.gg/threads/cs2-cheat-premium-cs2-hacks-undetected-v2-0-0-0-cs2-hacks.190/#post-866

[IMG alt="Undetected CS2...
Christmas Sale 2023 - 25% off
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Fellow Cheaters,

The year is drawing to a close and for many of us the Christmas season is about to begin. We've been building up a lot here over the last few weeks and we're proud to welcome you all to our community. That's why we've decided to start a sale where you can save 25% now! With the coupon code "Christmas23" you can now save money in your shopping cart.
Link to our CS2 Cheats

This code will be valid until New Year!

Maybe a few updates on our cheat and other plans: We are already working on a major update to our premium cheat (loader + ingame UI and more). I hope we can surprise you with it in the next weeks! Feel free to contact us with any suggestions for the cheat.

We wish you a quiet and nice time and I hope you could spend it with your friends or family!
Black Friay Sale 2023! 20% off!
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Fellow Cheaters,

We are also celebrating Black Friday and you can now get 20% off your order with coupon code "BlackFriday".

We are regularly working on our ToDo list and will be adding a few more features in the coming days and weeks into our Premium CS2 Cheat, so stay tuned! You are all invited to become part of our community. There are also some interesting conversations, game partners and competitions waiting for you in the Discord!

This sale runs until 27.11.2023!
Halloween Sale 2023! 20% off!
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Fellow Cheaters,

We are happy to anounce our Halloween sale for 2023! We really hope you already enjoy our products and service. You can use now the coupon code "Halloween" at the checkout to get 20% discount!

Buy our premium CS2 Cheat here:

Happy Halloween to everyone!
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